Cooking Lessons & Other Services

Cooking Lessons     What better way to gain more control over you and your family’s eating habits than by learning for yourself how to prepare delectable, vegan meals!  You and/or up to five of your friends can take a hands-on, vegan cooking lesson in my cozy kitchen or in the privacy and comfort of your very own kitchen.  For a cooking lesson, Vita conducts a consultation, designs the lesson and packet of recipes/resources, grocery shops, and coaches during the lesson.  Length of Lesson: 2.5 hrs to 3 hrs;  Cost: $70/per person  

Workshops     Does your church, school, or corporate organization want to promote health and longevity through the knowledge of better eating habits?  Then a vegan workshop with Vita is just what they need.  This service will be complete with a mini-lecture, cooking demonstration, audience-participation exercise(s), vegan resources, and samples of vegan dishes.

Catering for small groups     Having a luncheon, reception, book club meeting, or a romantic rendezvous?  Then, allow Vita to prepare a variety of sumptuous, vegan entrees, appetizers, or finger-foods for the occasion.


3 Responses to Cooking Lessons & Other Services

  1. insiderap2 says:

    Hello Vita. Yao Glover posted a link to something (I don’t remember what) on his Facebook feed which led me to you. I am so happy that he did and have been coming back to your site ever since. I am about to undertake my second attempt at the sweet potato pie (my all-time favorite pie). I loved it the first time, except that I would have liked a denser texture (less like pumpkin pie) so this time I’m going to bake rather than steam the potatoes and use a little less silken tofu. I think that should do it. But that’s not my question. — that whole paragraph was just a long way of telling you how much I appreciate your efforts.

    My question is: I though I saw a cornbread recipe on the site but now I can’t find it. I found one online that used flax seeds and water as a substitute for eggs, but that gave the bread a funny taste although the texture was beautiful. My family is very resistant so I have to work HARD to bring them over to my side, even a little. Do you have a corn bread recipe that doesn’t use flax seeds and comes out more like cake? Many thanks!


    • Dear Beverly:

      Thank you so much for checking out my blog and trying some of the recipes. At the end of this reply, I include a link to my vegan cornbread recipe. I am constantly revising recipes, and I’ve improved the cornbread recipe since it first appeared in the Washington Post by adding 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to the dry ingredients. This addition makes the cornbread noticeably lighter. Try it and let me know how it turns out. Here’s the link: .

      Wishing you health and prosperity in the New Year.


      • insiderap2 says:

        Levita: Thank you so much: Beans and cornbread is my winter go-to meal! I’ll let you know how the cornbread comes out (and if my mom can tell the difference!). My second attempt at the sweet potato pie was near perfect — I’m still working on my pie crust technique (forgot to cover the edge so it got a little too brown) — but the filling was heavenly. I did bake rather than steam the potatoes, used half the tofu and just a third of the sugar (so I can justify eating pie for breakfast) and added a pinch of cloves.

        Unbounded Joy and Creativity to you in 2015.


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